The project
The project


Samsung briefed us to create desire for the Samsung GALAXY Note II – a 5” phone that is differentiated from the rest of the smartphone market because of its size and the S Pen.


Our audience was tech trend-setters who would be excited about the creative possibilities that the phone features allow. The challenge is that this audience tends to reject traditional marketing messages.

We wanted to create a surprising demonstration of the GALAXY Note II in action, showing it stretching the bounds of possibility, and let our influential audience push this content to their networks.


We created Liquid Pixels – a, risky, never-been-done-before creative technology project, which took the shape of an interactive art installation that let viewers draw on water using the GALAXY Note II.

The film follows Daniel Kupfer, an influential creative technologist, and how he uses Samsung technology to make this vision come to life.


The film was picked up and covered by mainstream media such as The Mail Online, tech focused blogs such as Crenk and Blending the Mix and creative press such as HelloYouCreatives.

Liquid Pixels has now been viewed more than 600,000 times and counting.
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